Irish Women's Bowling Association

Formed in 1947 the IWBA is the National Governing Body for the sport of women's bowls in Ireland.  Under it's umbrella it has four Associations, whose total of affiliated Clubs is 80, covering both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland (where the Clubs are mainly located in the Dublin area). 

Each Association has its own league structure and cup competitions and meet annually in an Inter-Association tournament.

The IWBA aims, through the promotion of competition bowls, to enable players to develop their full potential at all levels, up to and including International representation. 

For those who are not so competitively minded, there is a place for recreational bowls at Club level and Clubs will welcome enquiries from prospective members.


Valerie Irwin
President 2019

2019 IWBA Championship Draws

* * *

The following players have been selected to represent Ireland at the upcoming

Tri Nations Series
with Scotland and Wales on Tuesday 20th and Wednesday 21st August at Belmont Bowling Club

Laura Cassells Rushmere Rattlesnakes
Jamie Craig Black Mountain Eagles
Daniel Donnan Peninsular Panthers (Squad Vice Captain)
Peter Haughey Rushmere Rattlesnakes
Katherine Houston East Coast Cougars
Jayden Kyle East Coast Cougars
Zoe Minish Rushmere Rattlesnakes
Sophie McIntyre Roe Valley Leopards
Lara Reaney Rushmere Rattlesnakes (Squad Captain)
Brad Stirling Slemish Scorpions
Josh Whitney Leinster Lions
Chloe Wilson Rushmere Rattlesnakes
Amy Carruth Leinster Lions
Kyle Dunbar Black Mountain Eagles
Dylan McElroy Lough Neagh Sharks
Holly Walker Black Mountain Eagles

         Full details will be sent to players in the coming days.
Congratulations to all selected.

Could all players please send confirmation message to Neil Booth on 07834958136 and please include your name in case he does not have your number saved.


The following have been selected to represent Ireland at the
Hong Kong Classic in November 2019:
Gemma McClean & Paula Montgomery


The following have been selected to represent Ireland at the Multi Nations Event in Australia in November 2019:
Catherine Beattie, Megan Devlin, Megan Morrow, Shauna O'Neill,
Ashleigh Rainey, Courtney Wright


The following have been selected to represent Ireland at a Test Series in
Spain in October 2019:
Laura Cassells, Katherine Houston, Sophie McIntyre, Zoe Minish, Lara Reaney

Atlantic Championships

Congratulations to Courtney Wright, Shauna O'Neill & Ashleigh Rainey on winning a Bronze Medal (Ladies Triples) in the Atlantic Championships.

* * *

EUROPEAN Championships

Catherine Beattie & Shauna O'Neill has been selected to represent Ireland
at the European Championships in Guernsey (September 2019)

* * *

Both Panels are interchangeable for upcoming events and will be kept under review throughout the year
Elite SQUAD Emerging SQUAD
Catherine Beattie Laura Cassells
Sarah Jane Curran Katherine Houston
Megan Devlin Sophie McIntyre
Sarah Kelly Allana McKee
Gemma McClean Zoe Minish
Paula Montgomery Megan Morrow
Shauna O'Neill Lara Reaney
Ashleigh Rainey Chloe Wilson
Erin Smith  
Courtney Wright  


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